Sunday, November 29, 2009

Friday some good friends of mine came over for dinner and then we ended up spending the rest of the evening in Downtown Plano. I wish i lived in a small town where the street of downtown Plano was actually the main street of the town! I just love that small town feeling!! Anyways here are a few pics from the night!

They are the sweetest couple!

I decided to cut my own bangs and this is what they turned out like...not too sure how i feel about them yet!

Such cute lovebirds!

I am going to have another Thanksgiving Dinner tonight with my Community Group and I am so full just thinking about it!!! I have definitely gained some weight this weekend! Time to get back to working out!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Meltdown What?

So I only had one official meltdown yesterday! And it happened to be at the dinner table while we were all eating! I was looking around and seeing everyone happy and eating...everyone except Mason. And then the tears came a rolling! And i tried really hard to stop it but there was no use! But I must say that I did WAY better than I did at Christmas last year! Last year I had a meltdown probably every 30 minutes, sometimes less. If anyone mentioned Masons name I broke down! This Thanksgiving I just had to keep reminding myself that Christmas he is allll mine! That helped me to remember this when I teared up a few other times. All in all Thanksgiving was an amazing day with some Amazing food! I just wish my special little guy was with us!

I debated if I wanted to go to Old Navy at 3am or not and then decided I dont Need anything that bad! In fact I dont need anything at all! So i will go around 10ish and if they have the coat in my size left then its meant to be! If not then oh well, I stil have 4 other coats! After that I am heading to Uptown to have lunch with a friend and do some shopping at stores that are way out of my price range! Tonight is going to be awesome too! My good friend Emily is in town from Austin with her fiance Kreig and we are going to have dinner at my place then head to downtown for the night! Keep your eyes out for some pictures coming up~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! My brother and sister in law and their kiddos are coming over to my parents house and we are having a big linner (lunch/dinner). Mason is with his daddy this holiday which totally sucks! I just have to keep reminding myself that I get him Christmas this year!! Last Christmas was my first Holiday with out him and I pretty much cried the whole day!! So I am stoked to have him for Christmas this year! You know considering I have sole custody it would be pretty darn nice to be able to have him EVERY Holiday! But alas thats not the way it works! So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family! My parents have taken me in so many times no matter how bad I messed up! They have ALWAYS been there to pick me back up and help me get back on the right track. I am so grateful to have such amazing parents! My brother....we use to hate eachother growing up! Now we are very close and I absolutely love him! If only he would stop pushing my buttons...haha! My sister in law....Shaun could not have married a better person! She is so awesome and I am very close with her as well! She really is more like a sister than "in-law"! She watches Mason during the week at her in home daycare and I could not possibly be more grateful for that!!! My two nephews are just absolutely adorable! Zack and Connor are too cute for words and always put a smile on my face. Now for Mason.....WOW! I dont have words for how much I am grateful for this little guy! I am tearing up just thinking about it! He is so precious and so amazing and so smart and so cute and so....perfect!!! I truly believe that he saved my life! I was heading back down a bad path that I had came out of just a few months prior when I found out I was pregnant. If it were not for him I really do think I would not be here today! I am sooooo blessed for the family I have! I honestly could not be more thankful! What are you thankful for???

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I need help......

Ok so if any one out there actually reads this blog I am about to admit something and need to be held accountable..........I need help! Help losing this gosh darn weight! After I had Mason I lost almost all of the weight and then ended up with depression and gained about 40 pounds in TWO months!!! So now Mason is alsmost 3 and I really havent done much to lose the weight! I started counting calories and instantly dropped 10 pounds. Me and a friend from work like to try and work out together on our lunch break. Lately we have been coming up with so many excuses why we cant so we need to really get focused again. As of today I have lost a total of 14 pounds. I have 31 more that I need to lose! I have been doing pretty decent with keeping active but i LOVE crap food! I mean seriously! So if any is out there reading this please keep me accountable!!! I need people to push me! Today after work I am meeting a friend to go bike riding around White Rock Lake! I looked it up and it is 9.33 miles. Im really looking forward to it!
So if anyone wants someone to bike ride with or attempt to run with let me know! I suck at running but I am working on it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Fired!!

Thank Goodness blogging every day isnt my job!! I would be fired for sure! So this weekend was such an amazing weekend! Friday night I went out with friends to the Neiman Marcus lighting in Downtown Dallas. It rained a little so it was not crowded AT ALL! We were not about to let a little rain ruin our night! We went to dinner at the Iron Cactus first and decided with a group our size we would just sit outside instead of waiting for a table. We didnt really think it would rain on us!!!

Notice that despite the umbrellas and jackets everyone is still smiling and having such a great time!!

Mary and I didnt have an umbrella with us so we decided putting napkins over our head was our best bet! I dont know how much that really helped though....
This is Stacie and Shauna. These lovely ladies are in my community group and they are actually my accountability partners also! I absolutely love them!
So despite all the rain that poured on us it was a very successful night! It made me realize how much I love downtown and I need to hop on the dart way more often and spend some time out there!
Saturday morning we participated in WestBless. We went to West Dallas bright and early and picked up trash and invited everyone that lived there to a big lunch cookout that one of the churches down there was throwing. I was surprised at just how nice and welcoming everyone was! West Dallas is the 10th poorest place in the NATION!!! Not just TEXAS but the NATION! It was a really awesome experience and I look forward to doing it again! I will post pictures later once I get them!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Tonight I am meeting with some girl friends and we are going down to see the Neiman Marcus Christmas lighting!! I am sooo excited because Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! They will be showing off their new window displays and lights and then lighting a huge christmas tree! Santa will also be there, arriving in some surprise fashionable way! So excited!

Tomorrow morning I will be up and out in West Dallas around 8am! My community group is going down there to help clean up trash in the neighborhoods with our Church!! Its going to be an awesome weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bang It?

So after watching the Biggest Loser I really loved Rebeccas new hair style! She ended up getting kicked off that night and then was on the Jay Leno show. I am soo in love with the way her hair looks on the show! In fact, I love it so much that I am thinking of doing it to my hair! I have had short hair PLENTY of times so Im not worried about that! Its the BANGS! They freak me out!! Being that I have wavy hair I would have to straighten them everyday which is no big deal but it just scares me for some reason! So take a look at the clip from Jay Leno and tell me if you think I should do it!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Procrastinate much??

I have 4 papers due in two weeks and I have yet to start even ONE! I have had months to do them but I really do work better when I am in a time crunch! So I was planning on spending the next two weekends working on them. But here is the thing. For one of the papers I have to go do a career placement test up at school, so I call today to make an appointment. Well they inform me that to complete it I have to do 3 separate hour long sessions with a counselor. The next time they have an opening for one of the sessions is Monday November 30th!! Well my paper is due that next day!!!!! Not going to happen! Luckily my teacher is super awesome so we will see  if there is something else that I can do! Sheesh!!! Maybe next time I wont wait so long huh!

Wishful Wednesday, 3...2...1...ACTION

'I wish' .... my life was a movie, and I would want it to be _ADVENTURE__ genre!
(and tell us why)
Would you want action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, family, OR suspense??
I wish my life was full of adventure!! I love going on new adventures and experiencing new things and unfortunately right now I dont get too much of that! I do go on as many vacations as I possibly can given my situation! Life to me would be so boring without them! I had all these plans to travel the world and go here and go there and just do it all!! And then I got pregnant and had to put those dreams on hold. When Mason gets older I most defintely want to travel the world with him! How much fun would that be! Adventure is also a reason I want to move to Colorado! There is so much more stuff to do there than here in Texas! I want to white water raft or go skiing or hiking at the spur of a moment! I NEED adventure in my life!!! I am sooo not the kind of person who is content with a calm peaceful life! Where is the fun at!?!?!?!
Copy and paste the Wishful Wednesday logo and post it on your blog!! Link it to here so others can read it!!! If you want you can link it back to my blog also!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lunch Date!

So I mentioned yesterday about having to cancel my lunch plans with my good friend Melanie on Friday, so we rescheduled for today. We dont see eachother as much now that she moved to Saginaw but she works in Plano, so we get together for lunch at least once a month. She is due ANY day now!!! Well if you want to get technical she is due on Turkey Day but my bet is he will come before then! I cant wait for Jacoby to make his debut!  

Sure from the front view she looks pregnant right....

But check out the side view!!!

I am anxiously awaiting this little mans arrival!!! I cant wait to meet him and watch him grow up! Jackson will be such an awesome big brother!!! The next time I see you, Mel, you will be holding your precious baby boy! 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jammed pack, non-stop weekend!

This weekend was a birthday filled weekend! On Friday my good friend Melanie turned 24!!! She is due with her little baby boy in less than two weeks! I had lunch plans with her but hand to cancel because I was stuck at home with a migraine! :( Then Saturday was my brothers Birthday! He turned 28! He's not a big fan of cake so instead Andrea made him the best cake he could have ever wanted!!!!
We started the evening off with Dinner at Kobes! This place is amazing and the cooks are sooo funny! They definitely keep the adults entertained just as much as the kids! They had Shaun put on this awesome birthday hat while they sang happy birthday! My nephew, Zack, was so excited to blow out Shauns candles!!!

Mason was trying so hard to use the chopsticks! He somewhat got the hang of it but he was so cute trying! Notice the tongue sticking out because he was concentrating so hard!

My little man is so amazing! I sure do love him
 This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Mason and his cousin Zack! They love eachother so much and it is so adorable!
Here is Mason with both his cousins Zack and baby Connor! They all see eachother every day and I wouldnt have it any other way! They get along so great....for the most part!

Today is my friend Ambers Birthday! She is in Austin so I didnt get the chance to see her but Happy Birthday!!  Im ending this great weekend with Church and Community group! Cant believe the weekend is already over! So sad!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monster Trucks and Birthdays!

I didn't post yesterday because I was stuck at home all day with a migraine and the last thing I wanted to do was look at small words on a computer! 

So today has been a really busy day!!! I started off the morning running errands non stop since I couldn't do any of them yesterday. Then I went to see the Monster Trucks with Mason, My brother, nephew Zack, and my dad. This is the second time this year we hav
e all gone to the Monster Truck shows and the boys just absolutely love it!!! Me....not so much! But hey, whatever makes Mason happy right!!!! I was super upset because I forgot my camera so this was taken with my phone, not the best quality. Mason and Zack are the best of friends and really are more like brothers than cousins! Below is one of them goofing off and one of Me and Mason in front of one of the trucks... 

I will post tomorrow about our dinner, today is my brother, Shaun, 28th Birthday! Happy Birthday Big Bro! And as much as it hurts me to say this....I love ya!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time for Class...

So I have been taking online courses for about a year now but this year I decided to physically take a class on campus. My first day was awesome! It has been YEARS since I have sat in a desk and I was l-o-v-i-n-g it!! My teacher is super cool and she doesnt care if you come to class or not as long as you take the tests. Well that was really not something she should have said! I have now missed more classes than I have gone to. Thursday mornings I wake up saying, Ok ARE going to class tonight but then by the time I get home I always find some reason or another as to why I cant make it. But here is the thing...Im most defintiely a visional learner and daydream way too much to listen to someone talk in a classroom. I find myself thinking about the most random things while shes talking! I try really hard to focus and listen to her but no matter what I try within ten minutes im once again thinking about something else! So going to class really doesnt do me any good! From now on unless Its a class that I absolutely have to physically go to, im only doing online courses! If only they offered Public Speaking online.....I am d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g this class! This is actually one of the many reasons I didnt go to college right out of highschool! Im a Horrible public speaker! I mean Horrible!!! I start to talk really really fast and mumble and ugh its just a wreck! But go figure, they dont offer this class online! Oh the torture!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishful Wednesday - Chores (The Joys of Being Single)

" I Wish" I never had to clean.......the bathtub!!!!

I'm not a big fan of cleaning to begin with but everything about a bathroom grosses me out! Most of all is the bathtub!!! I will literally gag at the thought of cleaning the bathtub!!! If I see even ONE hair (yes even my own) I will have to try my hardest not to throw up!! I cant move the bath mat in the tub without cringing!! I get that puckered up face with my nose all squinted! You know what face I'm talking about!!! Just thinking about it right now gives me the chills! Ugh I could most definitely go the rest of my life without ever cleaning a bathtub again!!!! What do you wish you never had to clean again......... Copy the Wishful Wednesday Image and re post it on your blog! You can go here and link your blog!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

So I found
this recipe on another blog that I love and I just HAD to make it! Im not lying when I say this is the most amazing dessert I have ever put in my mouth!! It was absolutely amazing!!! Every person that tried it couldn't believe how good it was!!! Its not exactly anywhere close to being healthy but man is it good!!! I used almost TWO sticks of butter!! Can anyone recommend something healthier to use as a substitute because I will most definitely be making these again!!! So go make this and tell me what you think!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Friends Friends Friends

Wow...what a difference having real friends makes!!! Last year I had maybe one or two True friends...the rest were just friends that I would hang out with but werent really the best. Well since the negative ones have been removed from my life I honestly could not be happier! I finally have a good group of girl friends who I would do anything for and vice versa. About two months ago I started in a community group, Its like a bible study group but more. There are 8 other ladies in this group and these women are truly amazing!! I am soo blessed to have all the people that I have in my life. Yesterday I got some news and it just really hurts how its going to affect my sons relationship with his daddy. Dont get me wrong they will still be a huge part of eachothers life it just doesnt look like they will be seeing eachother quite as much anymore. It really hurts because Mason absolutely adores his daddy!!! Anyways these girls all reminded me that all I can control is myself! And I have a strong support system in place and Mason has soooo much love in his life! No matter what happens we will both be ok! Its times like these that really make me realize how truly blessed I am!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not ok....

Im not going to be home again until bedtime so I wont have time to write on here again but i wanted to post today so I didnt skip a day this month. I just got back from meeting with my accountability partners and was in a great mood. Then I got a phone call that lets just say is going to change things for Mason once again. My poor son has been through enough and gone through enough changes, this just breaks my heart.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is it Christmas yet?

So last night I went to the movies with my mom and saw A Christmas Carol in 3D! I am absolutely a Christmas girl and love everything about this time of year! If this movie would have been in theaters in the summer time I would have been there! This was a cute movie and the 3D was a nice effect!  I am soooo ready for the cooler weather and the holiday spirit that everyone gets! Now if someone could explain to me why in November its in the upper 70s that would be great! I need to be living somewhere with snow!!! I want snow!!! I want to make snowmen and snow angels and have a snow ball fight and go sledding! One day I tell ya!!! But first I need to find me a man to shovel that snow and scrape the ice off my car! I want all the benefits of the snow without any of the negatives! If only....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Eli Young Band

So this morning I was listening to the Eli Young Band in my car. They are my all time favorite band. They are from Denton and I remember seeing them play in a small bar there before they made it big and I fell in love! I can listen to every single one of their songs on replay over and over and over. There are four songs that really stick out to me though.

The first one is Small Town Kid. This song can put me in the best mood! I just love the beat to this song and no matter how crappy I feel if I put this song on I instantly smile!

The second in So Close Now. This song fits me perfectly! If you know me at all then you know that Texas is not where I belong! This song is all about getting ready to move and how the town that I know isn't good for me. Every time I start the ball rolling in my plan to move something comes up and keeps me here. Right now its my son. I know if I move us away I wont be able to give him all that I can give him here. But in the next year or two I plan on having that all change and Finally making the move out of Texas!

The third song is When It Rains. This song is about how when your sad its good to see that the world is sad and crying too. Its just an awesome song that I absolutely love!!!

The final song is Enough is Enough. This song sums up my life a few years ago. Its about being in a relationship where you just cant count on that person at all. There is a line in this song about how the hardest part in leaving was not knowing what I would become. And how only sleepless nights and God have shown how strong I can be on my own. This is so true for my case! I have learned more about me and who I am and how strong I am in the last year than I ever have before!

So thats my post for today! Go listen to their songs because they really are amazing!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well I have debated for a while now if I wanted to make a blog or not and I finally decided to just go for it! So here I am!! My sister (in-law = same thing) has a blog @ and I am constantly checking it and reminding her to post so lets see if I can do any better! She mentions that the month of November is known as National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and you are suppose to blog e.v.e.r.y single day this month. So I may be a few days late in starting this but im doing it! I have a lot to learn about how to make this blog page look way better than it does so please bare with me!!! Im excited to jump into this head first and see if anyone will actually follow it! Oh and can someone tell me how I do it where if you scroll over a certain word like "here" and if you click it then it will take you to another link? Thanks!!!
Well, it looks like I will be back tomorrow to do some more bloggin!